Golden Rules

1. Breaking these rules can and will get you banned!

  • Staff decisions are final. Arguing about our decisions is unsafe for your account.
  • Do not cheat ratio, uploading and downloading.
  • Do not upload our internal contents (Eg: TmG) outside.
  • Uploading V.I.P. torrents to any private/public tracker or file sharing site will lead your account being permanently banned.
  • Upon the third warning your account will be automatically disabled. VIP member will be demoted and have three chances before getting disabled.
  • You MUST make use of your account. Inactive accounts will be removed after 180 days. Inactive accounts mean you do not log in AND download any torrents.
  • Do not make advertisements. You will be warned/banned immediately if breaking this rule depends on the violation level.
  • Do not create duplicate accounts.
  • Do not sale or trade accounts, invites.
  • Do not discuss about political and religious matter. Follow the National Law.
  • Do not defy the staffs and other members expressed wishes!
  • Use a normal username. Avoid obscene words and phrases.

General Comment Guidelines - Please follow these guidelines or else you might end up with a warning!

Forum Comment:

  • No language other than English / Malayalam in the forum and tracker.
  • Do not use potentially offensive material involving porn, religious material, animal / human cruelty or ideologically charged images for your avatar. Mods have wide discretion on what is acceptable. If in doubt, PM one.

Torrent Comment:

  • Do not complain about uploading speed, quality and content of torrent. Do not spam comments or short comments as "thank you, good movie....". Please click "Say thanks" button and give good comments to support our Encoder / Uploader team.
  • Do not ask for encoding or reseeding. Post for "reseed request" one time every three days or else you will get warned.
  • Do not advertise another forum or tracker in any comments.

Downloading Rules

2. Rules for downloading from the site:

  • Minimum ratio:
    *If you have a combined download total in excess of 20 GB and your ratio is below 0.7, you will receive first warning.2nd warning will receive on ratio 0.5. 3rd warning will receive on ratio 0.40.

    Failure to act upon the warnings and increase your ratio above 0.35 within those 3 weeks will get your account banned permanently.

  • Hit & Run:
    *Every torrent has to seed minimum of two hours after downloading completed. Failure of doing so will result in a Hit & Run warning and you will be banned for 10 days.

    Allowed clients:

    • uTorrent 3.2.2 upto uTorrent 3.5.2 (Windows) (Newer versions wont work!)
    • qBittorrent 3.3.15 or above (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    • Transmission 2.82 or above (Mac)
    • Deluge 1.3.11 or above(Windows, Mac, Linux)
    • RuTorrent (any version, Linux)
    • tTorrent 1.5.16 or above (Android) (free/ paid version)

    Always check the port forwarded on torrent client properly

    The list may change anytime without notice.

  • Download IP limit:
    Your maximum download IP for per torrent is two. You will be warned if breaking this rule.

  • Download on Malayalam Language:
    You need to make sure you have been uploading a minimum of 35% of data you downloaded overall including ratio free contents. For example, you downloaded 20 GB of Malayalam contents. You must need to maintain 7 GB as upload credit. Otherwise, your downloading access will be temporarily disabled. Permission will again granted automatically once you achieved minimum upload credit. This applied for only Malayalam Contents.    

Uploading Rules

3. Uploading Guidelines

There is a user class restriction on uploading. Only Uploader Class or V.I.P. Class are allowed to upload torrents. If you feel you can be an uploader please PM staff.

1. General rules

  • No pornographic, reactionary, religious and political contents. All screenshots and posters must follow this rule.
    No virus, trojan and 0**, _** files
  • File name must be clearly and reflect the content of file, except the release name. Do not name the file "Ep xx" for TV series. Do not name the file "Track xx" or "Song xx" for music albums.
  • Do NOT upload torrents which have url of other websites or trackers.
  • Do NOT upload duplicates! Use the Torrent Search Function to make sure you're not uploading a duplicate torrent (include dead torrents in your searches please).
  • A good description is required as well.
  • Make sure to choose the right category.
  • Set Torrent Type as Gold for all non Malayalam torrents.
  • Set Torrent Type as Silver for all Malayalam torrents if size higher than 3 GB and set as Gold if torrent size higher than 7 GB.
  • Don’t ever use ‘TmG’ tag by non TeamTmG members. Use ‘TmGHub’ or ‘TH’ if you would like to.
  • Don't upload corrupted DVD/ VCD. Don’t upload files corrupted or incomplete.
  • Once you upload a torrent you should seed it at least 2 days for HD (720p, 1080p); 3 days for Bluray (untouched or remuxed), 3 days for Musics after the first completed & until 2 days for a DVDRip.

2. Allowed content. Movie, TV Show:

  • BluRay, BluRay Remux, HD DVD, HD 720p, HD 1080p, HDTV, mHD, WebRip, DVDRip.
    + Internal teams of TmG, DUS, DrC
  • DVD ISO, DVD-R for untouched video and audio (not re-encode). Do not upload illegal DVDs.

3. Repack/Proper rules

  • Bad source DVD Screener / Cam / TS will be replaced by better source. These will be deleted when internal are uploaded.
  • Video from better source will replace bad source: Blu-ray/HD DVD > HDTV > DVD > TV. DVDRip from DVD9 source will replace DVD5.
  • Encode release from the same source but has errors (glitches, audio not sync) will be replaced by better encode.

Users must know what’s right for downloading. Users are more likely to download your release if you provide more information as a uploader
All Uploaders MUST provide the following information.

I. CONTENT SPECS (Provide the information as it applies to your release)

  • Movie release year
  • Movie language(s)
  • Movie Runtime (Duration)
  • Video Bitrate (in Kbps)
  • Video resolution in pixel (Ex: 640 x 272)
  • Video codec format & version (Ex. Mkv, XviD)
  • Audio codec used (Ex. DTS, AC3)
  • Audio bitrate (in Kbps)
  • Source: What was the source of the rip?
    o  Properly specify Cam, VCD, TS, Asian Silver, DVD-SCR, DVD5, DVD9.
    o  In VCD & DVD source, was it 1, 2, or 3 disc?
  • IMDB LINK of the content
  • Subtitles could be optional
    There are various programs you can use to find all the specs one of them is Mediainfo. You can post a screenshot of the specs if you want.

II. SCREENSHOTS from the actual content (Covers are NOT screenshots)

  • Post the Thumbnails OR Full image HOTLINKS into the release post.
  • Images should be in PNG format only
  • Use hosting server like imgur / someimage / itspic / imagebox.
    Use Media Player Classic OR VLC player to get screenshots.
  • 4 – 5 screenshots are plenty. Don’t post too many screenshots.
  • Pro Ripper groups can add video samples too, this is optional but highly useful (min 1 min in length).


  • ONLY TORRENT Releases allowed, this means no RAR, ZIP or file hosting servers like or other link releases.
  • No Non-Desi Content (this includes non-desi dubbed movies).
  • No apps/cracks/games etc....
  • No Releases with a url in threadname, torrentname, as watermark, srt, covers etc...
  • You may not use this site to distribute or download any material when you do not have the legal rights to do so.
  • You may not use this site to distribute or download any material involving child exploitation.

ALL Releases that don’t COMPLY with the above rules will be DELETED without notice.

Client Rules

4. Client Rules:

Client rules are how we maintain the integrity of our swarms. This allows us to filter out disruptive and dishonest clients that may hurt the performance of either the tracker or individual peers.

The modification of clients to bypass our client requirements (spoofing) is explicitly forbidden. People caught doing this will be instantly and permanently banned. This is your only warning.

The use of clients or proxies which have been modified to report incorrect stats to the tracker (cheating) is not allowed, and will result in a permanent ban.

Banned clients highlighted in the downloading rules are not allowed. Additionally, the testing of unstable clients by developers is not allowed unless approved by a staff member.

Ratio Rules

5. Ratio System Overview

  • Your ratio is calculated by dividing the amount of data you've uploaded by the amount of data you've downloaded. You can view your ratio in the site header or in the "stats" section of your user profile.
  • To maintain leeching privileges, your ratio must remain above a minimum value. This minimum value is your required ratio.
  • If your ratio falls below your required ratio, you will be given two weeks to raise your ratio back above your required ratio. During this period, you are on ratio watch.
  • If you fail to raise your ratio above your required ratio in the allotted time, your leeching privileges will be revoked. You will be unable to download more data. Your account will remain enabled.

Request Rules

6. Rules for Request:

  • Do not make requests for torrents that break the rules. It is your responsibility that the request follows the rules. Your request will be deleted. Requests cannot be more specific than the upload (and trumping) rules. For example, requesting an MP3 torrent with a log when the rules prohibit replacing an MP3 torrent without a log. Such a request asks for a duplicate to be uploaded.
  • Only one title (application, album, etc.) per request. No requests for multiple albums (e.g. OST) or *censored*ue requirements. You may ask for multiple formats, but you cannot specify all of them. For example, you may ask for either a FLAC or VBR but not both formats. You may also make a list of albums by one artist that satisfies your request, but the request can be filled with only one album. Application requests can consist of only one application, but may span a range of different versions. However, such requests can be filled with only one version of that title.
  • All users must have an equal chance to fill a request. Abusing the request system to exchange favors for other users is not tolerated. That includes making specific requests for certain users (whether explicitly named or not). Making requests for releases, and then un-filling so that one particular user can fill the request is not allowed. If reported, both the requester and user filling the request will receive a warning.

Complaint Rules

8. Complaint Rules

  • Searching for the problems which already have solutions before asking new questions.
  • Title of a topic must be short and clear.
  • In case your problem is not in our rules, we will decide how to solve them.
  • Staff decisions are final.
  • Do NOT continue to create more articles with the same content during waiting solution.
  • If you have any ideas to make our tracker better, we always welcome. Use site suggestions in the forums for your contributions.
  • Contact us at: Staff

Chat Rules

7. Chat Rules:

  • Many forums (Tutorials, The Library, etc.) have their own set of rules. Make sure you read and take note of these rules before you attempt to post in one of these forums.
  • Don't use capital letters, excessive!!! (Exclamation marks) or??? (Question marks). It seems like you're shouting!
  • No lame referral schemes. This includes,, or any other similar scheme in which the poster gets personal gain from users clicking a link.
  • No asking for money for any reason whatsoever. We don't know or care about your friend who lost everything, or dying relative who wants to enjoy their last few moments alive by being given lots of money.
  • Do not inappropriately advertise your uploads. In special cases, it is acceptable to mention new uploads in an approved thread (e.g. New Users — We'll Snatch Your first upload), but be sure to carefully read the thread's rules before posting. It is also acceptable to discuss releases you have uploaded when conversing about the music itself. Blatant attempts to advertise your uploads outside of the appropriate forums or threads may result in a warning or the loss of forum privileges.
  • No posting music requests in forums. There's a request link at the top of the page; please use that instead.
  • No flaming; be pleasant and polite. Don't use offensive language, and don't be confrontational for the sake of confrontation.
  • Don't point out or attack other members' share ratios. A higher ratio does not make you better than someone else.
  • Try not to ask stupid questions. A stupid question is one that you could have found the answer to yourself with a little research, or one that you're asking in the wrong place. If you do the basic research suggested (i.e., read the rules) or search the forums and don't find the answer to your question, then go ahead and ask. Staff are not here to hand-feed you the answers you could have found on your own with a little bit of effort.
  • Be sure you read all the sticky threads in a forum before you post.
  • Use descriptive and specific subject lines. This helps others decide whether your particular words of wisdom relate to a topic they care about.
  • Try not to post comments that don't add anything to the discussion. When you're just cruising through a thread in a leisurely manner, it's not too annoying to read through a lot of "hear, hears and I agrees. But if you're actually trying to find information, it's a pain in the neck. So save those one-word responses for threads that has degenerated to the point where none but true aficionados are following them anymore. Or in short: NO SPAMMING
  • Refrain from quoting excessively. When quoting someone, use only the portion of the quote that is absolutely necessary. This includes quoting pictures!
  • No posting of requests for serials or cracks. No links to warez or crack sites in the forums.
  • No political or religious discussions. These types of discussions lead to arguments and flaming users, something that will not be tolerated. The only exception to this rule is The Library forum, which exists solely for the purpose of intellectual discussion and civilized debate.
  • Don't waste other people's bandwidth by posting images of a large file size.
  • Be patient with newcomers. Once you have become an expert, it is easy to forget that you started out as a newbie too.
  • No requesting invites to any sites anywhere on the site or IRC. Invites may be offered in the invite tracker thread and nowhere else.
  • No language other than English is permitted in the forums. If we can't understand it, we can't moderate it.
  • Be cautious when posting mature content on the forums. All mature imagery must abide by the rules. Gratuitously sexual or violent content which falls outside of the allowable categories will result in a warning or worse.